A 2022 Super Bowl Ad Study

Skin in the Game: How Emotional Connection with Content Drives Ad Performance

There has been a wide array of research supporting the notion that the quality of content surrounding advertising provides a kind of halo effect, improving the recall and impact of the ads. However, viewer investment in the content adjacent to an ad hasn’t been investigated in the same way.

For live television events with uncertain outcomes, such as sports games, awards shows and reality show competitions, personal investment in the outcomes can be intense, with the potential to considerably increase engagement and advertising impact.

To study this, Dynata evaluated five ads from the 2022 Super Bowl using our creative testing platform to understand how viewers who are deeply invested in the outcome of the game reacted to the ads, compared with those with less interest.

Download the research paper to discover:

  • How creative testing can be used to measure engagement throughout the funnel

  • The impact on advertising effectiveness based on the level of viewer investment

  • Strategic implications for more effective media placement

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